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The process of legal adoption usually involves the termination of the parental rights of one or both biological parents. At the Law Office of Christopher C. Carter we provide legal services in the area of adoption. As such, we take no part in "arranging adoptions" or locating children for purposes of adoption. Our role instead is to represent one party to an adoption and seek to facilitate and expedite the legal adoption process.

The most common type of private adoption (as opposed to an agency adoption) is a "step-parent" adoption, in which one spouse legally adopts the biological child of the other spouse. The parental rights of the other biological parent are then terminated. Corona adoption Lawyer Christopher C. Carter has helped many clients in this process.




As a Family law firm that is devoted to all aspects of family law and taking care of the family unit. The Law Office of Christopher C. Carter handles a wide variety of wills, trusts, estate planning and probate matters. The grim fact is that no one really wants to start thinking about their death of the death of a close family member. However, prudently preparing and planning for these inevitable events can benefit you, your family and your loved ones both during life and at the time of death. Appropriate estate planning can help save money, protect important assets and, when the time comes, ensure your family is well cared for. Poor planning in this area can lead to money and assets being wasted or create divisive conflicts and disputes between your family members leaving family scars that may not heal for generations. For many, even the most basic estate planning can serve to prevent these disastrous scenarios.



Whether it is in a divorce setting or other circumstance, real estate issues arise over time.  Whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial property or you want to retain your real property in your divorce, lease or sell, having the correct legal documents and understanding how real estate effects your present situation is crucial. Some times these transactions are often more complicated than first realized.  So if you just need an attorney to review or consult, contact us today to discuss how we as your lawyer may be able to help you with protecting your rights in real estate transactions.




If you are a small business owner, here are a few legal aspects of your businesses to make sure you are ready for the new year, and more importantly, make sure your business is protected.

  • Make sure your business is an LLC or an INC. If you have a sole proprietorship, or a business that you haven’t incorporated, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT. You can’t backdate your incorporation, so you can’t protect yourself from past legal issues or get past tax benefits, but you can get them starting immediately.

  • If you do have an LLC or INC— Make Sure You’ve Filed Your Annual Report, it is not enough to just form your LLC or Corporation, every year you need to file an annual report and pay a fee of $25. If you don’t do this, at some point the state will dissolve your company and you will be left unprotected. You can easily check the status of your company by visiting the California Secretary of State Corporation Search Page (

  • If you’ve made any major changes to your Corporation — make sure your minutes reflect these changes. You may need to file “Articles of Amendment”.  Did you have a change in your company name, an increase in shares, a board member joining or leaving your company? Any of these plus other changes may require you to file a form with the Secretary of State called an “Amendment”. Make sure to file these before the year ends.

  • Update the Corporate Books and have an Annual Meeting Just having a Corporation or LLC is not enough, you also need to follow the “corporate formalities”, have an annual meeting, and evidence some of the more major corporate actions in the official records of the company.


Our goal is always to prevent a business dispute, but when one does arise, we usually can settle it before it gets to the stage of a law suit. Please contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Carter at (951) 737-4913 if you are having a business concerns or dispute.


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