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Do You Have A Need For A Business Attorney?

For most business people, deciding whether to call an attorney should be like deciding whether to go to the doctor. If you have severe chest pain, odds are you're not going to hesitate to call your physician or hightail it to the emergency room. But if you just have a bad cold, you might wait a few days to see if it turns into pneumonia before you drag yourself to the dreaded doctor's office. Likewise, should you call a lawyer when you have a legal problem or just need guidance. Whether the field is real estate, business contract or dealing with corporate governance, the question is do you need a lawyer ? Well would you do surgery on yourself, even if you were a doctor? In most case the answe would be no. The same would hold true when you're starting a business or dissolving one or buying or selling a business or home Since legalities seem to pervade even the most basic business decisions -- the Law Office of Christopher C. Carter have helped to resolve this conflicting issue with its clients.

Regardless if your are a start up business or your business is up and running, there are some legal tasks you might want to consult your attorney such as: • if you hire independent contractors and consultants, make sure that you have prepare written agreements for them, non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement and other documents which protect your business rights. • if you may want to be a S Corporation or LLC or LLP to protect your personal assets and wealth from liability or if your already are, you need to make sure meetings and actions call and hold corporate meetings and prepare corporate minutes are up to date. • if you are a corporate entity you may need to create a buy-sell agreement with your business partners, update your partnership agreement, operating agreement or shareholder's agreement as your business circumstances change. For all these legal questions to ensure smooth operation of your business, you may require an attorney. If you do not have such an attorney already, consider the Law Office of Christopher C. Carter to handle all your family/business needs.

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