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Child Support, What Do The Court's Look for?

Child support is most counties, at least on a temporary basis, the Courts run a computer program known as Dissomaster, and in Riverside County, the X-Spouse. Factor's going into this program are timeshare of the custody of the children between the parties; gross income - no not net income ( the computer program already figures out the Federal and State tax consequences; the cost of medical insurance and other incidential factors. But the big two items are timeshare and income. Most people do no realize that these two factors are the largest reasons why child support for one child can be as little as zero or as large as $1,500.00 per month. So if you are considering separation or divorce, you really need to get on board about being a parent and cooperate with the other to ensure that you get all the visitation you desire and that your children deserve.

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