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Child Support

When discussing the issue of child support, there is no simple answer. Most judges in most counties look at numerous factors when determining child support. First and foremost, the time share between the parents must be determined. In California, most courts start at the proposition that each parent has a right to equal access and time with their children. This means each has a fifty percent share of each of their child time. This 50/50 time share is eaten way by factors such as work time for each parent' the desire and participation of each parent in raising the child(ren); the age of each child and their relationship with each parent. When these and some other factors are digested, the last piece of the puzzle is each parties gross income and the input of some other incidental work expenses . Support is just that, the price of maintaining two household for the benefit of your child(ren). Child support should be long to the children, to buy clothing, food, and keep them in the life style that the were raised. However, in most cases, the parents battle against each other in order to pay adequate or less child support, and in the end the children suffer. If you have any further questions concerning Child Support and how it may effect your situation, contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Carter for a consultation.

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