Resolving Family Law Problems For More Than Three Decades

Child Custody Professionals Who Care About Your Family

Your kids are often the most important part of your life, so matters involving them, their health and their happiness should be handled with the most care possible.

Child custody and visitation are multilayered concerns, especially when divorce is involved. Only an attorney with experience, compassion and a commitment to communication can truly help you find a result that works for your family. No matter what your situation, my firm, Law Office of Christopher C. Carter, Inc, is here to help. I have assisted countless families throughout California in coming to agreeable arrangements regarding child custody and visitation.

The Support You Need

As parents, matters involving your kids carry extra emotion. But a supportive and communicative family lawyer can help you find a resolution that prioritizes your kid’s health and happiness.

My firm can offer the knowledge and skill you need to find these solutions. I can:

  • Give you information about physical vs. legal custody and help you determine both
  • Come up with an agreeable parenting plan or parenting schedule
  • Advocate for you if you are seeking full custody
  • Arrange a visitation schedule that works for you

These are just a few ways we can help you navigate family law matters involving your kids. You can rely on us to act in everyone’s best interests.

Get More Information About Your Case

Contact my firm today to find out more about how I can help you. I will give you thoughtful, experience-backed advice and help you figure out all your options in child custody and visitation. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today. You can use my online contact form or call 951-639-8488.